Era Organics Giveaway ($200+ RV) — Ends 4/22/16

April 8, 2016 By Monica Geglio 39 Comments

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As you may or may not know, April is Earth Month. This is the month where we try conserve, reuse, recycle, and think more about our effect on the planet.

To celebrate, The Anti-June Cleaver and Our Piece of Earth have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you the Earth Day giveaway hop where you will have the chance to win lots of great natural and eco-friendly prizes!

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Mommy & Love presents Era Organics!
Such a beautiful company with high values in regards to the health of our planet & personal health. It all starts with producing quality products with sustainable ingredients.
Era Organics Giveaway for Mama & Babies on

Era Organics specializes in producing high quality skin care products for any skin type and nearly any skin condition. Their slogan is “The Best of Mother Nature Perfected Through Science”. Here are some key ingredients used in many of their products:

Hospital Grade Organic Aloe Vera – Naturally includes many vitamins and minerals giving it potent healing qualities.
Manuka Honey – Hydrates and increases celluar recovery by boosting collagen production while improving cellular regeneration and protecting against free radicals.
MSM – The Beauty Mineral known for boosting collagen and keratin, as well as reducing unwanted skin pigmentations.
Coconut Oil – Excellent for moisturizing and healing skin. Highly effective against infections due to its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial qualities.
Blue Green Algae – Contains trace amounts of almost every organic mineral needed to heal and replenish your skin.
Shea Butter – Used in Africa for hundreds of years to protect skin from harsh conditions.
Cehami Extract – An Australian flower known for its regeneration properties. It is scientifically proven to increase cell growth by up to 50%!
Hemp Seed Oil – Nourishes your skin with an abundance of fatty acids and increases blood flow which leads to faster healing.
Olive Oil – Nourishes even the most sensitive skin types.
Visit the Era Organics Ingredient List to learn even more information on their quality ingredients.

Now, I was SUPER stoked to be able to test out six of their lovely mama & baby skin care products. I promise that this is a giveaway you will want to win… You cannot find higher quality ingredients in a larger company. Era Organic prides themselves in producing skin care products to meet the growing consumer needs for products free of harsh chemicals, fragrance, useless fillers, mineral oils, alcohol, cheap synthetics, and dyes!

How important is that to all of you ladies looking to prevent cancer and skin damage from our simple body care ? IT’S IMPORTANT!! I know. This is why we are ALL on the Green Living Bandwagon. We want what is best for our bodies, especially for our small babies who are entering our chemical filled world!

Okay. I feel like I could preach on and on about bad chemicals & ridding them from our daily skin care routine, but I will move on to telling you about six of their products. (The same six products you could win for yourself! *wink*wink*)

Complete Natural Face Moisturizer